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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is where I turn your placenta into a finely ground powder and place into plant based capsules for you to consume. There are two different methods of encapsulation – The Traditional Method and the Raw Method. I encourage you to complete your own research on each method to feel confident in your choice of preparation. If you cannot decide and feel attracted to both methods, you may like to consider the Half & Half option.

Traditional Method – $290
The Traditional Method I follow is APPA (Applications of Placenta Preparation Arts) approved. This method is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving steaming and dehydrating the placenta.

Raw Method – $290
Raw Start is relatively new in the world of placentophagia, having been practiced only in the past few decades as compared to the centuries of practice of the Traditional Method. The major difference here is the Raw Method does not involve steaming the placenta. 

Half & Half – $340
Half & Half is exactly what it sounds like. If you are unable to decide between the Traditional Method and Raw method I can divide your placenta into two halves. One half will be encapsulated following the Traditional Method and the other half will be encapsulated following the Raw Method. The process from start to finish will be separate which for you means you will receive two jars of capsules upon delivery.

*Pick Up & Delivery Note
All placenta encapsulation fees include placenta pick up and delivery of placenta products within a 25km radius of Geelong. This includes Barwon Health – University Hospital, St John of God, Epworth, The Birth House and surrounding Home Births. Additional travel fees apply to women birthing or requiring drop off outside of the 25km radius, please contact me for details. 

**Booking Deposit
A $50 deposit is required to book placenta arts services around your estimated due date, with the remaining balance due before delivery of the placenta products.
Payment plans are available, please contact me to organise.


Vines Package – $345
Includes Placenta Encapsulation, Cord Keepsake, Print, Broth and Tincture.

Mother Root Package – $385 [POT PLANTS SOLD OUT]
Includes Placenta Encapsulation, Cord Keepsake, Print, Broth, Tincture and Pot Plant.

Twisted Roots Package – $450
Includes Placenta Encapsulation, Cord Keepsakes, Prints, Broths and Tinctures for twins.

Additional Services

Cord Keepsake – Complimentary
A complimentary cord keepsake, which is the dehydrated umbilical cord, is offered with all placenta encapsulation orders. You are welcome to let me know what shape you would like created with your umbilical cord such as a love heart, spiral, newborns initials or name. Please note this is dependant on the length of the cord and may not always be possible. The cord keepsake may be added to your baby book or treasure box, framed and mounted on the wall or buried ceremonially.

Amniotic Sac Keepsake – Complimentary
A complimentary amniotic sac keepsake, which is a dehydrated piece of your amniotic sac/membranes, is offered with all placenta encapsulation orders. Please note the shape of this keepsake depends on how your membranes broke to release your waters and possible further separation from midwives examination. This keepsake may be added to your baby book or treasure box, framed and mounted on the wall or buried ceremonially.

Placenta Print – $20
All prints are created with the blood from your placenta, I do not use any additional colours or dyes. This is completed on A3 watercolour paper that is 100% cotton and acid free. Placenta prints can be a beautiful addition to baby books or framed and mounted on the wall.

Placenta Broth – $15
Placenta broth is the liquid from the steaming pot produced in all encapsulations following the Traditional Method. You will receive a 500ml jar of broth you can drink on its own or add it to teas, smoothies, soups or stews. I have been told 1 part broth to 2 parts water and a fair amount of honey makes an invigorating tea. Alternatively you may choose to use the broth to water a special tree, plant or garden bed.

Placenta Tincture – $40
Placenta Tincture is made with a small piece of raw placenta steeped in 100 PROOF alcohol in a 50ml dropper bottle. The alcohol I use is made from 100% grain neutral spirits that have been distilled six times. Placenta Tincture is your personal formula you can drop into a glass of water and consume with the same intentions as placenta capsules. It often comes in perfect time for when your capsules begin to run out, as it takes 6 weeks from the preparation date to be ready for consumption. Placenta Tincture should last indefinitely which women claim is helpful during times of challenge over their lifetime, such as menopause. Please note you are welcome to purchase more than one tincture bottle with each encapsulation.

Placenta Pot Plant – $48 [POTS SOLD OUT]
The Placenta Pot Plant is created with the most unique and love filled materials, including a handmade ceramic pot from @Castletoncollective, two of your placenta capsules and a small indoor plant which will be watered with 100 mls of your placenta broth (if available). This is a beautiful option for parents who cannot decide if they wish to bury or consume their placenta as you receive the blessing of both. With this pot plant you have the opportunity to watch both your plant and newborn grow and feel proud that you helped to nourish and nurture them both.

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