DIY Placenta Burial Pack

DIY Placenta Burial Pack

Burying the placenta after birth is an ancient tradition found in many cultures widespread across the world. In modern culture it remains a very special, spiritual and/or symbolic event.

This DIY pack is designed to keep your placenta burial ceremony clean and connected. By preparing your placenta in this pack at an earlier time, you are able to keep both your own and your potential audience’s intention on the joining of your baby to their Mother Earth.

– Pillow Box: 100% biodegradable and home compostable, uncoated, paper pillow box.
– Bag: 100% biodegradable and home compostable, waterproof satchel made from plants (corn) with self-seal strip. Certified (AS5810 -2010) to biodegrade within 180 days.
– Guide: A printed guide detailing how to prepare placenta in pack and how to host a burial ceremony.

To purchase, please contact Cindy via info@embodhi.com.au

DIY Cord Burning Pack

DIY Cord Burning Pack

Cord burning is a gentle and respectful method to sever the bonds between the placenta and baby using candles, not scissors. It may be a simple process to slowly seperate the two, or a sacred event held with great respect and intention to honour the role of the placenta.

Mindfully created and gathered, this pack includes everything you need for a cord burning ceremony.

– Beeswax Candles x 2: Hand rolled by Jodie @Thirdsecret in Geelong. Candles are made from Pure Australian Beeswax and a pure cotton wick. They have a gentle sweet smell and burn for approximately 22 minutes when burnt horizontally.
– Ceramic Bowl: Handmade by Caitie @Castletoncollective in Jan Juc. The lip of the bowl has been specially designed with a wave to rest each candle and your baby’s umbilical cord. The ceramic is also heat resistant making it safe to use with candles and to catch their wax.
– Baby Protection: Handmade by Cindy @embodhi_ in Geelong. Made with recycled cardboard and recycled aluminium foil to protect your newborn from the candle flames and heat.
– Matches: A little more special then you average redheads and to make sure there is no last minute rush to the shops.
– Guide: A printed guide detailing how to have a beautiful and safe cord burning ceremony.

Please contact Cindy via info@embodhi.com.au to express your interest

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