EMBODHI offers Placenta Arts, Ceremonies and Yoga.
All honouring this sacred life we live and supporting you to move through it gently.


Embody + Bodhi (Sacred Tree) means to provide products and services which hold your essence to connect you more deeply to yourself, your community and Mother Earth.

My mission is to educated families, starting in the womb of Geelong, of their options to honour their placenta, pregnancy and birth.

Meet Cindy

I am Cindy, daughter of Carol, daughter of Jennifer, daughter of Catherine.

Born a gemini baby under a full moon from a lineage of kind and incredibly strong women, I grew up by the sea in Ocean Grove with a passion for health and empowering the feminine.

I am the founder of EMBODHI, Certified Placenta Arts Specialist, Civil Celebrant and Yoga Teacher, ready to connect with YOU.


Placenta Arts

– Placenta Encapsulation
– Cord & Amniotic Sac Keepsakes
– Placenta Print
– Placenta Broth
– Placenta Tincture
– Placenta Pot Plant


– Birth Blessing
– DIY Cord Burning Pack
– DIY Placenta Burial Pack


– Lavender Eye Pillows
– Pre & Post Natal Yoga Ebook